Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So Tired...

Pretty stream - much prettier if it didn't splash over the top of my shoes when I forded it...

You know what doesn't help when I am so tired? Having the computer crash in the middle of writing a post and everything getting lost...

The 60 hour weeks are really catching up to me here, but we're getting a break very soon. We'll be breaking from work beginning on Thursday, continuing all the following week, and then resuming on the next Monday. This is an official break - the office needs to get some preliminary reports in and get the next bit of work lined up. The good news for us is that the project is being extended, so we should have work through the end of July. August 1st we move to North Carolina!

Since the last post, we've moved from Owego, NY, back to Goshen, NY. We're in the same hotel as before. Living in a hotel you kind of get to know the handyman, the people at the front desk, the maids, etc. It's kind of like being back at home.

Lots has happened that I was too lazy to write about - we went to the Owego Strawberry Festival (fueled by too many strawberry daiquiris), and visited Ithaca for a day (gorges! Ah, I slay me) as well as the Skylands New Jersey Botanical Gardens. Luckily for me I have tons of pictures (uh, except from the Strawberry Festival - those all came out blurry for some mysterious reason). And we have been working. OH, how we have been working.

I need a vitamin water. I am addicted to vitamin water. I think I need an intervention.


Snake! Could be a rattlesnake - looked like one but has no rattle. I almost stepped on it - but I saw it in time. Can you see it?

My boss was like, "You like taking pictures. Take a picture of this moth." And I was like, "Ok." So here's a picture of a moth on the Trimble GPS.

Dig that hole, Leland

The best part of the week, Sunday lunch at this great French restaurant, Le Petite Cuisine, in Warwick, NY. We ate snails there. They are tasty.

We told them last Sunday that this was the last time we'd be there because we weren't going to be working in the area anymore, and they thanked us for our patronage and gave us a discount on our bill! I guess we're good tippers.

Goofing around in Owego

Leland stretching before the big run (note: there is no big run)

The bucolic little town of Owego, NY. Apparently it won some kind of "Coolest Small Town in America" contest. It's cute!

The bridge into town over the Susquehanna

Owego has an awesome little bookstore and here Leland displays his hefty purchase.

Oh, no, back to work! You can see the existing pipeline corridor that we're working along in the cut through the trees here (actual pipe is underground. You know, where pipes live). The pipeline is being widened.

The gorgeous view of a landowner who was angry at us until our boss charmed him into liking the idea of archaeologists on his property.

And this is what we've been trapped in for the past six days. Digging in the corn sucks. It's hot and the corn tries to eat you.

See? Deep holes! A meter deep, in fact. That shovel handle comes up to my chin, just to give you an idea of how deep that is. This area is on a floodplain, so there are lots of soil deposits to dig through here.

Stupid corn. The best sites are on floodplains, though (people tend to live by the water), so at least we have the potential to find some interesting stuff.

Us overlooking Ithaca. They have tasty Thai food there. Gorges!

And here we are at Skylands New Jersey Botanical Garden.

1920's era Manor House - once a private residence - at the heart of the Botanical Gardens. Like a Great Gatsby party waiting to happen.

Photographer fussily arranging specimens in the pond

So pretty!

The gardens were so peaceful and very well kept. And free!


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  1. Boo, no more snake pictures!!!

    May I say, though, that both you and Leland are looking especially great. Digging holes in the ground must be a hell of a workout. :-)