Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I don't do resolutions. Mostly because I feel that New Year's resolutions are sort of made to be broken anyway. Also because I'm already perfect.

But this year, I'm making just one resolution: post more on the blog. And by "more", I mean "at all". I could do some song and dance about how busy I am and how I lost the battery to my camera (actually, I lost the charger first and then I found the charger and lost the battery), but I haven't posted since June.


Anyway, here's a brief list of things that have happened since then.

I witnessed the birth of my nephew - which was awesome. And though the nurse kept joking about how it was "birth control" for me, it actually made me feel better about the whole idea of giving birth myself.
Leave me alone lady, I've had a hard day

I also got to spend lots of quality time with my in-laws and my almost three year old nephew, Luke.

I lived through my first earthquake and (almost) my first real hurricane. Busy year, meteorologically speaking. I was still in Pennsylvania for Irene, scheduled to drive back to North Carolina the next day.

During the drive, we ended up miscalculating gas consumption and had to spend an hour waiting in line for gas in an area with no power. When I finally made it home to Leland, there was a certain amount of chaos waiting for me. We lost electricity for almost three days, though many others in Greenville never lost it at all. Our power lines are somewhere underneath the tree in the above picture. Whoops.

We ended up harvesting armfuls of basil and mint this fall. Leland made pesto, and I made mint jelly. Both turned out pretty well, though the pesto has already been consumed and the mint jelly is... languishing. The jelly is a beautiful green color and it tastes nice, but I'm at sort of a loss of what to do with it. And when I get my new camera battery, maybe I'll post a picture!

We had two adorable foster kitties, Lucy and Genevieve. Lucy is all black, with a nick out of one ear (it's how some groups mark stray cats who have been fixed), and Genevieve is black and white. They were both very sweet and energetic. Fletcher was less than pleased. He did his standard routine of hissing half-heartedly at them for the first couple days and then strenuously ignoring them thereafter.

Genevieve is a special needs kitty... kind of. She has some kind of ailment which affects her gait. She has some malformation in her hips, but also perhaps some neurological involvement. Perhaps even some vision issues - no one knows. But the upshot is that she walks like she's drunk. She hugs the wall as she walks and sometimes she falls off of things.

However, her condition is not progressive and so doesn't seem to be a cause for any alarm. She plays just as hard as any other young cat and will most likely live a completely normal life.

So it's totally cool to think the way she walks is a little funny.

Genevieve was adopted a couple days ago - but Lucy's still available! So if you're in the market for a sweet young kitty with a loud purr, an adorable chirping meow, and very soft fur, get on over to the Humane Society.

(By the way, I have no idea about the picture formatting. Blogger is stupid.)

Our holidays were very nice. My parents came for Thanksgiving, and we joined Leland's parents and his sister, brother-in-law, and their two kids for a Christmas at the Outer Banks. It was lovely. Quiet, temperate, calm. We saw dolphins every day and actually saw a whale as well!

Nova even got to come with us.

We've had Nova for more than a year now and she's had a huge improvement in her temperment and behavior in that time. (Spellcheck wants me to make 'temperment' into 'empowerment'). She was so well behaved around our little nephew. However, she did not like the ocean. She loved to run on the beach, but fearfully scampered away from the waves like the world's biggest, dumbest sandpiper. So much for that Labrador blood.

And finally, the biggest news of all...


A lovely family adopted Mr. Trust in early November. Because of his unique circumstances, the Humane Society gave the family my phone number in case of problems. His new owner did end up calling with some problems shortly after he was adopted. However, just before Thanksgiving I got another call. Trust is not only settled into his new home, he's doing great! He's calm and loving with his family and seems to be, well, a normal dog.


So here's to a happy 2012. And more blogging!


  1. Lamb...that is ALL mint jelly is good for. That and being rather pretty.

  2. I also thought of lamb chops for mint jelly! Other than that... experiment?

  3. So glad to see you blogging again. I glance at that spot on my iGoogle page when I open it just to see if you've written anything. I'm going to try to blog at least once a month on my professional blog but the month is already half over.

    Your foster cats are so cute and I would adopt Lucy if we were living anywhere near. Now that Beetle is a little more settled I've been considering getting another cat.

    Mint jelly and lamb...two things I don't like so never thought about it.