Thursday, April 29, 2010

KOA: they have free wifi!

After some connection issues here at the KOA in Bismarck, we're all ready to go!!

We've been working as archaeological techs in Bismarck, ND for four days now, did two days in the field and two days in the lab. We are supposed to be in the field right now on a project but that got pushed back until next week because of the lightning. And the snow. The snow thing was kind of a bummer because we are living at the KOA right now and sleeping in our car (long story, had a misunderstanding about living arrangements with the company). The first couple of nights were very chilly but it's warmed up a few dozen degrees now and we are pretty comfortable. We have a sweet setup in the back of the White Whale minivan, though...

And we will provide pictoral evidence at a later date because this connection is a little - shitty. But the proprietor of the KOA and her toy Australian Shepard puppy are very nice. So we won't hold the internet against her.

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