Friday, April 30, 2010

Starbucks - they do not have free wifi!

Public service announcement -

Starbucks does NOT have free wifi. So if you have already driven to the library, which closed at 5, then to the local coffee shop, which closes at 7:00 (giving you only half an hour of precious internet connection), and you must stop at the Starbucks, be prepared to shell out about 2$ an hour for internet.

Unless you are so inept that you cannot figure out how to sign on because it involves creating an account or something weird, and then a nice barrista signs on with her account.

Then it is free.

Because we are working Saturday and Sunday (hey, what else do we have to do, plus it's time and a half), and we are going out of town and staying at a hotel next week, I do not know what my upcoming internet situation will be! So if there is no posting for a while (after the next two posts which I have planned to put up tonight), do not despair.

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